Beautiful Disaster 2018


Beautiful Disaster 2018

Have you ever wonder how a big disaster of the 1990’s leave such a trace of beauty up until today? Who would even expect? Well yea.
It is incredibly amazing how those lahar, that covered the whole Zambales, Tarlac, Pampanga and all the places around, can be this view-tiful.


Those mountain-like formations behind us are actually lahar that over the years has slid down especially on rainy seasons. The local there called ‘aetas’ are seen around the place. I wonder how they got back up from such a disaster but I can tell by now that this place has become a tourist spot and aetas make a living out of it. On our way to the crater, you will see some selling water, or other goods just in case you didn’t go there well prepared. Expect that their goods will ofcourse be double the price or even more than that compared when you buy from the city.

There are allot of 4×4 rides that you can actually book to make the long walk cut short to just 15 mins to see the crater.

IMG_8920.JPGIt took us 1.5 hours to two hours enjoying the scenic view in this 4×4. It was fun enjoying the bumpy road and the thrill it gives is amazing, up until now I feel like shouting for joy and I can freshly remember the happiness it gave me.

But happiness just started at that ride, but as we move along, it goes along. The the happiness it gives you becomes priceless as you see those aetas kids appreciating small gifts you give to them.

IMG_9143.jpgHappiness are doubled when shared. I have been a witness and the smile that drew on their faces are just beyond beautiful. It gives me the urge to Go further to reach out. The experience was just great. And I feel the greatest maybe because I waited for too long to make this plan happen.



The Journey Begins

Welcome to the world of JEMRYLL lakwatsera.

Let the spontaneous adventure begin here…

Every day, I believe, is an adventure. And every adventure begins with a single step. You go through allot each day that makes you wonder what more can your life offer when you take that single step. It could possibly change your whole world and start a new life you have never imagined before.

Back to my school days, when I rely every single cent from my parents and all I can do is dream of that certain place I wanted to be in, I thought I have always been a dreamer, just a poor dreamer. A dreamer that someday I will be able to go to places. Little did I know, that when I started working, Adventure will actually come to life.

To be honest, I’ve never been to my dream destinations yet. But knowing I only have been to nearby places made me feel so rich in adventure. I learned to appreciate how to live simply and see the good in everything.

In this whole journey of my blog, I wanted to share with you guys, how spontaneous I have become and how ”budget” friendly my adventures are.

I hope you stick with me as we(you reading my stuff, me taking a step) travel together.


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